The Defense Joint Services single focal point for research, development, acquisition, fielding and life-cycle support of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense equipment and medical countermeasures.
Technology Challenge

Web Design



Facebook Page and Ads



  • Required to make a very complicated, unknown problem digestible
  • Needed to make highly technical language accessible to maximize public participation
  • Limited public awareness of the starting point and organization


  • Only had the opportunity to do one challenge phase, while maximizing breadth of submissions
  • Needed to attract solutions from audiences that have little knowledge/awareness of the topic
  • Could only share the limited amount of de-classified information
  • Low public awareness meant social outreach had to start from 0 and build within the timeline of the challenge¬†


  • Designed and conducted a single-stage ideation challenge with a blitz round improvement component
  • Developed a Challenge website with compelling creative assets for compelling visual and technical communication.
  • Used marketing, earned media, and paid media strategies, ensuring national promotion to reach target audience.
  • Increased awareness of the Challenge among designers and other non-traditional solvers using engaging media and a kick-off event
  • Developed creative outreach materials, such as social media posts, promotional videos, and a live stream
  • Rigorously tracked and reported Key Performance Indicators for quality submissions.¬†


  • Successfully bridged technology and materials start-ups with DoD acquisition vehicles to develop and prototype winning designs
  • Secured 79 design submissions
  • Earned features in 35 media outlets
  • Achieved 4700 Facebook followers and over 5MM impressions