Oct 08

The National Science Foundation Teams Up With Sensis

By Jose Villa

You Do the Math: The National Science Foundation Teams Up With Sensis to Launch the We Are Mathematics Video Competition

Oct 20

CXO Tech Forum Previews Future of Health IT

By Adam Karides

Emerging technologies provide ample opportunity for Health Information Technology (Health IT) to better leverage medical data, facilitate the transfer and disclosure of records, and improve caregiving services to ultimately promote a healthier society.

Oct 18

Powering AI Through Crowdsourcing #4: Building A Smarter Search Engine

By Adam Karides

Search engines have become incredibly adept at presenting the exact information a user desires when inputting keywords into a search bar. They revolutionized how information is accessed and the algorithms behind them are constantly tweaked and sharpened to generate more pinpointed results.

Oct 06
Oct 03

Federal Government Nears Completion of National Goals for Blockchain, AI, and Open Data

By Adam Karides

Despite the recent news within the blockchain community regarding China’s ban of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the United States nonetheless remains steadfast in its

Sep 29

Powering AI Through Crowdsourcing #3: Jeff Bezos Taps AI Company to Inform Philanthropy

By Adam Karides

In June, Amazon’s Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos launched a crowdsourcing campaign to receive input for his first major philanthropy.

Sep 26

National Day of Civic Hacking Brings Open Government to the Forefront

By Adam Karides

On September 23rd, cities from around the United States participated in the National Day of Civic Hacking, a series of volunteer hackathon events designed to facilitate private-public sector collaboration and p

Sep 12

SensisChallenges Launches 'Demarcate the Lake Challenge' for The Nature Conservancy

By Michael Contreras

The Nature Conservancy, a leading global nonprofit focused on protecting the lands and waters we all need to survive, launched a prize challenge last week with SensisChallenges.