Our Process

A proven crowd innovation method to transform ideas into outcomes.



We identify solvers with fresh perspectives so that we can reach and motivate them to submit unique approaches. In doing so, we champion Citizen Science.

  • Custom Solver Persona Development
  • Incentive Prize Design
  • Audience Activation

Citizen Science—The idea that scientific breakthroughs and achievements can be made by nonprofessional scientists and ordinary citizens. The adoption of citizen science is the driving force behind innovation competitions.

By communicating a clear problem statement and fostering digital makerspaces, we develop, engage, and manage solver communities. As a result, we promote Social Ideation.

  • Problem Statement Definition
  • Social Collaboration Strategy
  • Community Management

Social Ideation—The process of formulating ideas through collaboration and cooperation. Social ideation brings co-creation to life and takes place in co-working spaces, such as social media.




Solutions Innovation

We lay the roadmap for teams to reinvent how solutions are delivered using business strategy frameworks and lean startup principles. It’s something we call Business Planning for the 21st Century and it requires serious co-creation.

  • Business Canvas Development
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • User-centric Strategy Development

Co-creation—Bringing together internal and external parties to achieve a mutually desired outcome.

We believe the strategy is only as good as the outcomes, that’s why we help teams conduct iterative product development and small-scale testing to build a Minimum Viable Product.

  • Product & Engineering Strategy
  • Expert Feedback
  • User Feedback

Minimum Viable Product—Any product or service with just enough features to ascertain validated learning.





We help teams turn into scalable startups by pinpointing product market fit, testing their engine of growth, and connecting them with mentors and partnerships within the ecosystem.

  • Demo Days (in-person & Virtual)
  • Incubation Academy
  • Growth Marketing Strategy

Engine of Growth—A mechanism that achieves business sustainability by identifying the marketing channels that deliver maximum traction.

We conduct exhaustive data collection and analysis to communicate the impact our clients have achieved. We don’t just measure the vanity metrics. We measure the right impact metrics. We synthesize and communicate these key learnings to decision makers so they can improve their organization's efficiency.

  • Impact Study
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Data reporting

Impact Metrics—Too many people focus solely on gross outcomes. Impact metrics are outcomes per input used to understand and improve your organization’s efficiency.