Powering AI Through Crowdsourcing #3: Jeff Bezos Taps AI Company to Inform Philanthropy


Powering AI Through Crowdsourcing #3: Jeff Bezos Taps AI Company to Inform Philanthropy

By Adam Karides

In June, Amazon’s Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos launched a crowdsourcing campaign to receive input for his first major philanthropy. Now, the billionaire is relying on artificial intelligence to make sense of the over 48,000 responses to his initial “Request for ideas…” tweet.

Bezos is undoubtedly thrilled that his tweet garnered such overwhelming support and feedback. However, he simply does not have the bandwidth to review every response. To ensure every piece of feedback is considered, he tasked artificial intelligence to organize the ideas into categories of causes the crowd considers worthy of his many billions of dollars.

Enter Unanimous A.I., the startup dedicated to harnessing the power of the crowd through the application of artificial intelligence. In fact, it has a trademarked technology for performing the exact service Bezos sought out. It’s called Swarm InsightTM, and it emboldens collective intelligence by combing through fragments of feedback and input to gather real-time insights. In this case, Swarm InsightTM  analyzed the contents of every response to Bezos’s tweet and generated a report that weighs each piece of feedback and triages them in buckets of causes for the ecommerce magnate to then decide which to pursue. According to GeekWire, the most popular suggestion is to provide universal access to clean drinking water, followed by health clinics, cancer treatment, and other medical services.

Jeff Bezos’s philanthropy project is yet another example of how crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence reinforce each other rather than operate in silos. In this case, AI is applied to organize and amplify the sheer magnitude of input from the crowd. Crowdsourcing campaigns such as this one are ineffective without a tool that lassos all of the individual voices that want to be heard and makes sense of them in the form of actionable insights. And for such a large-scale project involving thousands of individuals, Bezos wants to leave no stone unturned before committing resources towards a noble cause.