CDC Announces Winners of the 'Eviro Health App Challenge'


CDC Announces Winners of the 'Eviro Health App Challenge'

By Michael Contreras

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tapped SensisChallenges to conduct a government challenge for its National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (EPH). In particular, it crowdsourced solutions from application programming interface (API) developers to create a tool that effectively leverages and communicates the rich open-sourced data provided by EPH to illustrate connections between environmental conditions and geography. After launching this crowdsourcing competition in April and a successful virtual demo day in August, we are pleased to announce the three winners. Congratulations to Healthy Local, Healthy Environ, and Sol•Air!  

First Place Prize Winner

Application Name: Healthy Local

Cash Prizes: $20,000

Team Members: Jared Schwartz and Kevin Lustig

Description: Healthy Local provides users with an evidence-based assessment of the impact of the environmental factors in their respective communities. The solution platform allows its administrators to modify or enhance the user's results, which are driven by the Public Health Tracking Network data. Those who download the application can receive a personalized risk assessment after selecting of one of three health conditions and providing basic geographical information. Healthy Local’s simple interface offers a platform that translates even the most complicated environmental health data into metrics anyone can understand.  

Second Place Prize Winner

Application Name: HealthyEnviron

Cash Prizes: $7,000

Team Members: Adam Aisen

Description: HealthyEnviron was created by Adam Aisen, a first year student at Harvard Business School to better organize national environmental health and geographical data and index these variables into a digestible 0-100 scoring system. The platform also provides a heatmap feature that visualizes the overall environmental conditions of anywhere in the United States. The application is not just useful understanding the scope of various environmental health factors in a user’s respective community. It is also a handy tool for someone who is moving and wants to compare the environmental health conditions in their new prospective communities versus their current neighborhoods. Additionally, HealthyEnviron includes a political call to action feature that enable users to directly contact their local legislator to promote a healthier environment.

Third Place Prize Winner

Application Name: Sol•Air

Cash Prizes: $3,000

Team Members: Brian Chisholm and David Truxall

Description: The Sol•Air app is designed for health and environmental conscious individuals who want a snapshot of the environmental quality of their selected locations. Users can save locations and explore potential environmental warnings in detail, receive potentially life-saving safety tips, and scan historical data graphs to gain a more comprehensive overview.

Thank you to those who participated in the Enviro Health App Challenge and everyone who supported it. To learn more about the challenge, please visit the official challenge website, or contact us for more information.


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