SensisChallenges Launches 'Demarcate the Lake Challenge' for The Nature Conservancy


SensisChallenges Launches 'Demarcate the Lake Challenge' for The Nature Conservancy

By Michael Contreras

The Nature Conservancy, a leading global nonprofit focused on protecting the lands and waters we all need to survive, launched a prize challenge last week with SensisChallenges. The organization operates in 69 countries, and it is seeking solutions to safeguard a unique and delicate ecosystem in one of the world’s largest lakes, Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa.

Lake Tanganyika provides a habitat to an extremely rich and diverse collection of aquatic life. An estimated 30,000-40,000 fishermen depend on the lake for work, but their trade is hampered by lack of clear boundaries that are supposed to signal where they can fish.

To ensure a sustainable future for fishing in Lake Tanganyika, the Tanzanian government established the Mahale Mountains National Park to protect this one of a kind habitat. However, the boundaries that mark the protected waters are murky, primarily due to the extreme depths of the lake and  storms that can snap ropes and displace buoys that are carefully placed to establish this border. This issue is compounded by the difficulty in accessing these necessary navigational tools in this remote region.

From now through October 19th, everyone has the opportunity to help minimize this issue and #DemarcateTheLake, creating a lasting impact on Lake Tanganyika’s ecosystem and the four countries that rely on it. In addition to the opportunity to win cash prizes, selected winners have the chance to work alongside one of the world’s preeminent conservation organizations and develop a system that can be applied to other bodies of water that face similar challenges.

You too can join the cause that over 30 innovators have already participated in by signing up for the challenge here and using the hashtag #DemarcateTheLake to join the conversation!


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