CDC 'Enviro Health App Challenge' Participants Showcase Data Tracking Solutions in Virtual Demo Day


CDC 'Enviro Health App Challenge' Participants Showcase Data Tracking Solutions in Virtual Demo Day

By Michael Contreras

On Wednesday, August 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health hosted a demo day webinar as part of its ‘Enviro Health App Challenge.’ Contestants from the challenge were invited to virtually demo their submissions to the panel of judges that will be evaluating the apps based on pre-established criteria.

The CDC collects and stores over a decade’s worth of environmental health data and statistics in its National Environment Public Health Network. This data is available to the public through an API and contains information including maps, tables, and charts about environmental chemicals and substances, chronic disease and illness, and the health-related issues due to exposure to these hazards .The CDC tracking network is increasing awareness of the API and underlying data to discover novel and exciting ways to visualize the impact of environmental health data in the lives of everyday individuals. To better understand how this is done, let’s meet the demo day participants.

  1. Healthy Local: This platform allows users to assess the environmental impact on certain chronic illnesses by selecting a health condition and tailoring it to a specific area. The program also enables the user to compare the environmental health impact of specific disorders across multiple locations.

  2. Health Environment Lifestyle Connection Explorer: This application is full of rich data and relies on graphics and data visualization to highlight connections between environmental hazards and chronic illness.

  3. HealthyEnviron: This program makes connections between environmental conditions and health by conveying the location-specific impact of this relationship using a scoring index that is simple to understand. HealthyEnviron also integrates Google Maps overlaid by a heatmap to provide a visual aid when comparing the index scores across various locations.

  4. Sol-Air: This full mobile application displays air quality and associated asthma risks through user-friendly charts. These risk levels can be fetched by choosing a location on an integrated Google Maps or typing in a particular zip code. Sol-Air is also compatible with Android wearable devices and provides advisory warnings on dealing with certain environmental hazards.   

The submissions are currently under evaluation by a distinguished panel of judges. The winners will soon be announced, with $20,000 of challenge prizes awarded to the first-place winner, $7,000 to the runner-up, and $3,000 to the third-place winner. To learn more about the Enviro Health App Challenge, click here.