Oreo is Sending Samples of New Cookies from its Crowdsourcing Campaign


Oreo is Sending Samples of New Cookies from its Crowdsourcing Campaign

By Michael Contreras

Oreos are known for their sweet cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. Although the brand has released varieties of its classic cookie, including the popular ‘Double Stuf’ and 55 other flavors, Oreo is currently crowdsourcing ideas for the next version of ‘Milk’s Favorite Cookie.’ In May, it launched a $500,000 crowdsourcing contest called ‘My Oreo Creation’ to seek consumers’ input on new flavor ideas that should hit the shelves next. The #MyOreoCreation is a brilliant marketing tactic because it turns consumers into prosumers while generating significant social media buzz using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as a platforms for idea submission.

From a public relations and marketing standpoint, this tactic certainly boosts brand awareness and engagement. However, this campaign additionally provides valuable consumer insight for Oreo, which wants to produce flavors with the best potential to sell. By crowdsourcing new varieties, the brand now has its finger on the pulse of consumers and what’s popular and trending, and can do so at a minimal cost.

Here are some highlights of the prototypes that have resulted from the #MyOreoCreation contest:

●      Avocado

Avocados have transformed from a food craze to a culinary staple in recent years. Its price has skyrocketed due to a global shortage, and Oreo seems interested in satisfying this enormous demand. Personally, I love avocados but I would be hesitant to taste them in the form of an Oreo. I’m not surprised Oreo embraced this flavor idea, but I’ll have to pass on this one.

●      Coffee

As an avid coffee consumer of all types, I am all for a coffee flavored Oreo. I cannot imagine a more delectable Oreo flavor to pair with a cold glass of milk than coffee, other than the original, of course.

●      Unicorn

Starbucks’ introduction of a ‘Unicorn’ Frappuccino made a splash this Spring, baffling its consumers for its mysterious yet sweet taste and its color-changing abilities. After witnessing Starbucks capitalize on an overarching unicorn trend, Oreo now wants to join the party. I did not take part in the Unicorn Frappuccino frenzy in April, so I cannot comment on this particular flavor. However, based on the immense popularity of the drink, I can imagine a sweet and enjoyable treat in the form of a Unicorn Oreo.

Click here to see a full list of the crowdsourced flavors Oreo has developed thus far.

If you think you have Oreo’s next flavor idea, it’s not too late to participate. Enter the #MyOreoCreation contest before it ends!