Q&A With Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week


Q&A With Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week

By Michael Contreras

We are one week away from Crowdsourcing Week's North American Summit in Washington, D.C.! To gear up for this event, we sat down for a Q&A with the Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week, Epi Ludvik Nekaj. Here's what we discussed:

1. Why did you choose Washington, D.C. As CSW’s first North American host city?

As we are paving the way towards CSW Global for 2018 we see DC as an epicenter of the economic shift not just for North America but for the rest of the world. Governance is getting disrupted by technology and mindset and DC fit that bill. We are also doing a Summit in Seattle later this year so we can cover both East & West Coast before our CSW Global next year. 

 2. What kind of role can crowdsourcing play in governments’ abilities to solve complex problems?

There are great challenges that governments around the world are facing today and certainly they can't handle it by themselves. Crowdsourcing will be one of the main pillars for better governance and citizen participation. Transparancy, efficiencty and speed is what will drive governments to embrace and create tool kits for citizens. To better illustrate this, we have created 14 Parts of the Crowd Economy here http://crowdsourcingweek.com/14-parts-of-the-crowd-economy-landscape/

 3. How would you compare the different crowdsourcing ecosystems in the countries where you have hosted CSW? 

Without any doubt, US is still in the forefront of Crowd Economy, be it in private and public sector. Europe is second and Asia third still catching up. This is one of the reason why we decided to come back to US and be in the forefront of this second wave. 

 4. How do you view the relationship between technological advancements and crowdsourcing? Particularly, do digital technologies facilitate crowdsourcing? If so, how?

Now, everyone can take part and activiate it's own resources through various of platforms. Ths is one of the reason we have created the process of 5 P's http://crowdsourcingweek.com/blog/5ps-of-the-crowd-economy and certainly technology alone won't solve problems. We need to design processes for people and the only way people will participate is when they get to know not just personal purpose but higher purpose. We are not there yet however I strongly believe that crowdsourcing will accelerate this process.

 5. What sort of impact or legacy are you hoping these events will leave on the cities that host CSW? More specifically, DC?

Our main goal/mission is to accelerate a collaborative future. What this means is we want to see crowdsourcing mainstream where peoples passion, talents, skills and tangible resources are being faciliated and met within different marketplaces and ecosystmes. Only through this channel we'll be able to see a society living in full abundance. The future of work is no longer working, It's gigging. Lots of jobs are now being replaced by automotion and some form of Universal Basic Income is necessary before it's too late. We would love to see DC lead on this and create future gigging and universal income as part of the main agenda of job creation. 

 To register for the summit, please visit this link, and don't forget to enter the promo code 'CSWDC15' for a 15% discount. We hope to see you there!