The National Science Foundation Teams Up With Sensis


The National Science Foundation Teams Up With Sensis

By Jose Villa

You Do the Math: The National Science Foundation Teams Up With Sensis to Launch the We Are Mathematics Video Competition

Is our national ambivalence around math hurting our students? As U.S. schools struggle to get students excited about math, our national test scores continue to lag behind other industrial nations. Of the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the US ranks 30th in math and 19th in science.


Ensuring U.S. economic competitiveness means reversing this trend. As the information age moves into the AI age, and careers in the humanities continue to be eclipsed by STEM, we need to invent new ways of pitching math to students. 


The Challenge:

To make math more accessible and exciting to students and to entice them into careers in STEM, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has partnered with SensisChallenges to launch the We Are Mathematics Video Competition. Using the power of crowd, the Competition aims to rebrand math from an elusive, unattainable, nerd-headed discipline into an exciting, cutting-edge field. The Competition’s invites researchers, educators or students with NSF grants to submit short videos (up to three minutes) that showcase their work. The videos should distill the participants' high-level research and work into a short message that will inspire young students. Four winning recipients will be awarded a $3,000 prize. The Competition’s approach to crowdsource brand marketing assets can be mirrored by organizations of all kinds.


The Prize:

The judges will select a winning entry for each of the following levels:

Level 1: K-12 or undergraduate: $3000 prize!

Level 2: Graduate: $3000 prize!

Level 3: Postdoctoral or early-career: $3000 prize!

Level 4: Mid- or advanced-career: $3000 prize!


The Big Screen:

Winning entries will be hitting the big screen. All winning videos and a selection of other top entries will be screened at the 2019 National Math Festival, which is expected to draw 20,000 people. These videos will also be showcased on the NSF website and will be promoted via social media. Get ready to RT your big win.

The Platform:

Using Skild competition software, Sensis has built a clean, intuitive platform to facilitate all Competition needs. The platform will showcase contest videos and manage the People’s Choice Award, a public voting round that puts judging power into the hands of the people.


Are you or do you know any NSF-funded recipients? Learn how you can turn your knowledge and work into a celebrated film: