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Aug 16

Startup to Crowdsource Self-Driving Car Technology Development

By Michael Contreras

Like it or not, self-driving cars have already hit the pavement as tech and automotive companies begin to lay the groundwork for a future of autonomous vehicles. In addition to the ethical and legal issues being in their infancy, the technology is still too immature to drive our cars.

Aug 07

CDC 'Enviro Health App Challenge' Participants Showcase Data Tracking Solutions in Virtual Demo Day

By Michael Contreras

On Wednesday, August 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health hosted a demo day webinar as part of its ‘Enviro Health App Challenge.’ Contestants from the challenge were invited to virtually demo their submissions to the panel of judges that will be evaluating the apps based on

Aug 01

Mozilla is Embracing Crowdsourcing to Enhance its Voice Recognition Software

By Michael Contreras

Last week, Mozilla, best-known for its web browser Firefox, launched a project to catch up to the strides in artificial intelligence (AI) made by the world’s largest tech companies.

Jul 27

Big Pharma is Adopting Co-Creation to Develop New Drugs

By Michael Contreras

Big Pharma seems to always be in the news for the wrong reasons.

Jul 17

Jeff Bezos is Crowdsourcing his First Major Philanthropic Initiative

By Michael Contreras

Since founding Amazon in the 1990s then embarking on the 21st century commercial space race, Jeff Bezos has significantly transformed the world we live in today. Now, Bezos wants to change the world in another meaningful way: philanthropy.

Jul 10

Oreo is Sending Samples of New Cookies from its Crowdsourcing Campaign

By Michael Contreras

Oreos are known for their sweet cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.

Jun 23

Takeaways from the Crowdsourcing Week D.C. Summit

By Michael Contreras

For some, crowdsourcing is simply the latest buzzword to describe contingent work. However, for those who gathered at the Impact Hub last Thursday in Washington, D.C. at the CSW Summit, crowdsourcing is an effective way to do business.

Jun 20

AI Company CrowdFlower Raises $20M for Crowdsourcing

By Michael Contreras

Buzzwords such as 'Artificial Intelligence' and 'Crowdsourcing,' once predominantly used by the Tech Industry, are now becoming commonplace. As artificial intelligence increasingly enters our homes, CrowdFlower is aiming to accelerate the development of these technologies and the rate in which society adopts them by tapping into the crowd.

Jun 08

Q&A With Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week

By Michael Contreras

We are one week away from Crowdsourcing Week's North American Summit in Washington, D.C.! To gear up for this event, we sat down for a Q&A with the Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week, Epi Ludvik Nekaj. Here's what we discussed:

1. Why did you choose Washington, D.C. As CSW’s first North American host city?

Jun 06

United Nations and GatherIQ Launch Humanitarian Crowdsourcing Campaign

By Michael Contreras

The United Nations Migration Agency is leveraging big data and crowdsourcing tactics to help solve the global humanitarian crises.